Having built a new studio, backed by a 15m wide LED screen, TV4 News needed something special to put in the screen. Lightwell was brought on board to develop ideas for the screen area and realise the vision for the re-branded show.


Whilst such a massive screen is an exciting opportunity, it also requires a carefully designed scene. TV4 News didn’t want anything big and ostentatious. Equally, they didn’t want small, anonymous, meaningless spaces. We had to find a way to surpass the viewers’ expectations without making the set look too flashy, making this one of our most challenging yet.

ABC News


Having explored options with TV4 News, we helped identify the scale and content they were after. We developed a double atrium space in which the wide shot is filled with a light filled atrium. In mid-shots, the presenter is backed by depth and detail from the deeper spaces of the second atrium.

In talking with the client and the design team in Sweden, conversations often revolved around quality of light and the dramatic difference between the light in mid-winter, and mid-summer. We mined visual references of Scandinavian architecture and art. We developed the design so that daylight could indirectly enter key zones within the atrium, and designed the scene in summer daytime, dusk, and winter night time lighting versions to describe different times of the day or season.

ABC News


By designing in as much opportunity for daylight to enter the space, we consider this to be one of our most eloquent designs yet.

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