This large-format animated digital backdrop project for the world-renowned news channel is the most ambitious application of LED screen technology we have heard of, let alone worked on.


Two newly designed and equipped studios featured enormous floor to ceiling LED screens across two sides. The main panel was 16m wide, with an LED pitch of 1.9mm. While large LED screens often produce coarse resolution requiring diffusion screens, the fine pitch of the Bloomberg screens meant no diffusion was required and, for the first time, we could fully exploit the potential of rich colour and intensity.

Bloomberg floor to ceiling digital backdrops


Thanks to this extra resolution, we decided to introduce specular, highly reflective surfaces into the scene. Referencing the architectural details of the Bloomberg offices on New York’s Lexington Avenue, the home of the Bloomberg studios, we designed an interior scene based around two large atrium spaces. This created depth and framing for the full range of shots.

Bloomberg’s brand design assigns each show its own unique colour. We replicated this approach by adjusting the colours of the lighting within the scene, enabling our design to conform to the signature colour for each separate show. Reflecting the Bloomberg brand, we also included animated fish in the aquarium – a prominent feature of Bloomberg’s offices

Bloomberg TV floor to ceiling LED digital backdrop.


The size and quality of the screens allowed us to prepare an animated set full of detail and surface qualities that had previously only been possible in printed solutions. One of our most ambitious projects for a studio equipped with LED screens, this is a project we are incredibly proud of.

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