A demanding project in that before we were brought on board, there was a studio and newsroom design that included lightboxes across all the external walls, but nothing to put in them.


Located on a single floor of an office building, Sky Sports News’ studio included lightboxes arranged across eight different planes. Lightwell was tasked with designing and preparing an architectural backdrop scene to go onto these lightboxes.

Sky Sports News


The centre piece of the studio was a sleek, flowing desk. Taking this as our cue, we began by developing a modern, high-tech interior. This featured high key white surfaces and blue accent lighting, reflecting the colours of the Sky Sports logo. Once we proved the success of this approach in the area immediately behind the presenter positions, we extended the design across the rest of the studio.

With lightboxes across so many different planes, we introduced the ground-breaking new method of a forced perspective to achieve a successful result. We further refined the design to suit this technique, ensuring the perspective worked in each planned shot. We made the space appear impossibly larger and deeper than the actual volume, accommodating combinations of two presenters, five presenters and guests format.

Sky Sports News


Now one of our specialities, the innovative perspective illusion worked because the space we were depicting looked credible and photoreal. Thanks to the original design, our architectural knowledge and computer graphics skills, this was achieved. Sky Sports were delighted, and we have since worked with them on many other projects.

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