MTVA’s new studio – with large format LED screen – was a significant investment for this high profile, Hungarian broadcaster. To bring it to life, they were looking for a new digital backdrop scene of high quality design and execution.


We were asked to design and prepare a space that would add depth and interest to shots of presenters at the news desk. These shots would be from a range of positions and angles. The scene needed to look like a newsroom, and adhere to the channel’s brand and colour strategies, whilst appearing to be an extension of the new studio design.


As one of the widest scenes we had created to date, we knew careful planning was necessary. Our starting point was to produce sketches which would explore the scale and height of the scene. From these designs, a single storey foreground – with a double height space in the background – was selected by the client. We integrated the MTVA blue branding colour into the scene through a combination of painted surfaces and lighting effects to enhance, but not compete, with the on-screen graphics.

The Met Office virtual set using the Newtek Tricaster


We delivered our first versions ahead of schedule for testing and adjustment during installation and rehearsals. This enabled us to make a number of small, but significant adjustments to the lighting and colour in time for launch before, for which we delivered large format video files. MTVA was delighted with the end solution – our backdrop design was the perfect finish to its new studio and presentation.

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