An animated digital backdrop prepared for Mediacorp's 5 News, Singapore, 2017

The client's brief called for a photographic cityscape depicting a night time scene, for their newly designed studio. The 5 News bulletins are focused on local Singaporean news stories, and so for this design we sought a distinctly local viewpoint, with housing in the foreground, and the central business areas in the background. This was an inversion of standard Singapore views, which typically focus on the iconic central business district and marina.

To find this unique viewpoint, we scouted potential sites by car, MRT and on foot, before eventually settling upon a vista that featured dense vegetation, framing a view of residential units. We were then able to brief the photographer who was able to attend site and capture the required photography when weather and light conditions were optimal.

Amongst numerous enhancements applied to the cityscape, we replaced the sky, and added animated elements such as traffic and light effects e.g. flicking lights in apartment interiors, as if the occupants were watching TV.

To enhance the appearance of the screen as window, we added a three dimensional glass interior space between the screen plane and the cityscape.

Client: Mediacorp, Singapore
Design and preparation: Lightwell

Photography: Soh Seng Chuan



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