This was a fun project to work on. Our regular collaborators, BK Design had prepared an advanced concept design and we worked with them to develop this into a detailed, working virtual set. The studio, in Helsinki was smaller than sets we have worked on previously, but staffed by an eager team, and equipped with remotely operated cameras running on a dolly track system.

The design features a physical desk, sat upon physical floor segments. The rest is entirely virtual and comprises an ice floor, inside a circular presentation space backed by an ice hockey stadium interior, to the rear. The foreground perimeter of the ice circle features a deep space, punctuated by glass display cabinets stocked with ice hockey shirts and memorabilia. Standing guard in the mid-ground are mannequins dressed in the latest Finland team colours. A virtual camera move, sweeps past these at the beginning of the show, coming to rest at a standing presenter, backed by a large video screen

Once we had completed the production version of the design in 3D, we took this into Unreal Engine and applied all lighting and materials, fully exploiting it’s physically based rendering technology. The completed virtual set was then powered by Zero Density’s Infinity Engine.

Client: Discover+/Eurosport
Design: Lightwell + BK Design Projects
Unreal Set Build: Lightwell


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