In Summer 2019, Mediacorp of Singapore tasked us with the design and build of a new virtual set for their English language news bulletins. The physical news studio is surrounded by a backlit greenscreen, sandwiched between horizontal lightboxes, with the ability to change colour. Mediacorps requirement was to introduce depth and visual interest into the space defined by the greenscreen, with lighting, and colour solutions appropriate to the time slot of each separate bulletin.

We began by preparing a virtual set extension, based on a stripped down interior space. To define this space, we added columns and angled set pieces, aligned to the angles of the CNA brand and logo. A selection of these elements included integrated lightboxes, for which we prepared red, blue and orange versions, corresponding to the different colour identities of separate bulletins.

In addition to the different colour details, we also prepared morning and night time lighting setups to reflect the different times of day at which bulletins are broadcast. This was further emphasised by the inclusion of enhanced photographic panoramas of Singapore. These were captured by Mediacorps in-house teams, then forwarded to us for formatting and the addition of sky replacements and detail enhancements.

Initally scheduled to launch in spring 2020, work was paused with the onset of the pandemic, before resuming later in the year, and finally launching in winter 2021. Mediacorp was able to go air with a refreshed, and convincing virtual set, that wholly integrated with the foreground elements of the physical set, and channel's graphics and branding.

Client: Mediacorp Singapore
Design: Lightwell
Virtual Set Build: Lightwell



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